Ecology of the Commons

In 2017, the Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces Charitable Trust commissioned SWT Trading Ltd: Ecological Consultants, the wholly-owned company of Suffolk Wildlife Trust (SWT), to carry out ecological assessments of registered commons and other open spaces in Blaxhall, to inform our work in seeking to protect, maintain and improve local green spaces for the benefit of wildlife and local residents.

The surveys were carried out on 13 March 2017. The presence, or likely presence, of UK Priority habitats and species and protected species was recorded. Information was also provided under various broad taxonomic groups, including flora, avifauna, invertebrates, herpetofauna and mammals. In addition, the structural diversity of each habitat and the connectivity of sites within the overall ecological network across the village and surrounding countryside was assessed. Recommendations were provided, where appropriate, for future management of the areas of land surveyed.

Download the survey reports here: