Commons and Open Spaces

The open spaces at the heart of our village define the unique character of Blaxhall and are part of the village’s historical, social and environmental heritage. Most of this land is freely accessible to the public and has been used and enjoyed by villagers as an open space for more than 500 years.

Some of this land is registered as Common Land and has legal protection. But this land is becoming increasingly fragmented under private ownership and has been progressively encroached upon over the years. As a result its value as a community asset is coming under greater pressure.

In recent years the Trust has acquired ownership of two important areas of open land in Blaxhall: Jasper’s Pightle and Stone Common. These areas we will endeavour to preserve, maintain and enhance for the benefit of wildlife and biodiversity as well as to be enjoyed as open access land by local people and visitors alike.

You can read here about the origins of Blaxhall’s commons and open spaces:


The open green spaces are a distinctive and precious feature of Blaxhall