About us

The Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces Charitable Trust was founded on 10 November 2015. A new Trust Deed, replacing the original constituting document, was executed in April 2022 when the Trust became a registered charity (no.1198753). Its chief aims and objects are:

(a) to improve the conditions of life and social welfare in the village of Blaxhall;

(b) to advance the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment in Blaxhall; and

(c) to preserve and protect the rights of access and use to the Blaxhall Commons and Open Spaces for all residents and visitors

by acquiring, owning, providing, improving, and maintaining land in Blaxhall, in particular common land, allotments or land over which local people and visitors have traditionally enjoyed access, for the benefit of residents and the wider public.